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Costa Rica's Friendly, Peaceful People
Hospitality and Respect Handed Down from Generation to Generation

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A country of over 4.5 million people, who refer to themselves as “Ticos,” are waiting to welcome you to their unique homeland.  Visitors will find them to be both warm and Costa Rica Real Estate-Houses-Investment-Propertyoutgoing.  They are the real heart and soul of this country, and are steadfast in defending their way of life.  Costa Rica had a peaceful beginning, as it was settled, not conquered.  The result is a society that focuses on strong family foundations, and concentrates on hard work, courteous and gracious behavior.  They disdain being rude, boastful or violent and believe that “making a good impression” is of the utmost importance. 

The people, largely of Spanish descent, who chose to live here were not searching to exploit their land, but rather keep it an outstanding place to live and prosper.  These attitudes have been passed down from generation to generation.  This is also quite evident when you see that Ticos are extremely proud of their homes, keeping them clean and well-appointed with plenty of flowering plants around them.  In short, Ticos love their country, are peaceful, friendly, exotic and unforgettable.


“Family is a stronghold for values, virtues and strengths that humanity cannot efficiently safeguard through other institutions. The family is, through time and space, a universally indispensable institution. Every human being belongs to the human family. In Spanish, we use a more compassionate term to denote humankind. We say, ‘la familia humana’ which translates into the ‘human family’ in English. Similarly we use the term ‘la familia de las naciones,’ ‘the family of nations,’ to describe the relationship between countries necessary to maintain global peace and freedom.”


H. E. Oscar Arias
Former President of Costa Rica
 Nobel Peace Laureate (1987)

Costa Ricans describe their society as being “a classless democracy” which translates into a virtual lack of race or class discrimination as found in many other countries.  They welcome visitors with different cultures from all over the world.  But in some respects, they are similar to the U.S. – they search for their version of “the American Dream” – one that is more eco-sensitive and less confrontational.  Ticos are also fun-loving and festive.  They love to dance and play, looking forward to any opportunity to celebrate.




Costa Rica Real Estate-Houses-Investment-PropertyOver 95% of Costa Ricans are literate, with many being bi-lingual, particularly in English.  This results from the emphasis that society places on education, plus the fact that the government provides extensive resources in support of higher learning.








"Today I had the opportunity to convey to President Arias the United States' strong support and partnership with Costa Rica. We have a history of a long friendship, and I'm very, very happy to have been the one to get to give him the very best wishes of the American people.

Twenty years ago President Arias led this country, Costa Rica, to a peace that it still enjoys today. And that was an unimaginable event at the time. Costa Rica is still a democracy that's an example for the world, and Costa Rica's democracy shows every country that if you have strong, democratic institutions, it leads to the best for the people of that country.

Earlier this morning I had a chance to visit a school in Costa Rica. As a teacher and a librarian myself, I love to visit schools around the world, and I know that you have quite a treasure in your children. I want to wish President Arias, the education minister, and all the teachers and children in Costa Rica the very best as everyone focuses on education to make sure every single child in Costa Rica gets a great education." 

     Mrs. Laura Bush, May 8, 2006 


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