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   Costa Rica Real Estate

La Guácima Luxury House

$1,100,000 - Reduced to $965,000

Costa Rica Real Estate - La Guacima Luxury House


European Style Villa

1.85 Million US$ - Reduced to $1.69 Million


Villa Antigua - Jaco 

Costa Rica Real Estate - Jaco



Paraiso Pacifico


Costa Rica Real Estate - Dominical

$1,700,000 - Reduced to $1,300,000


Casa Big Sur 

Dominical - Escaleras

Costa Rica Real Estate

Fractional Ownership - 1/8 at $365,000 each six weeks a year


  Luxury Villa For Sale in Dominical

$6,000,000 - Reduced to $3,500,000
Costa Rica Real Estate-Investment-Homes-Retirement-Property


 Casa Romano Oceanview Villa

$1,500,000 - Reduced to $950,000

Costa Rica Real Estate-Luxury Homes

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