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Villa Picaflora: Bali-style Villas

All Picaflora villas feature high-quality anti-seismic construction using sustainably-harvested native hardwoods, and are sited to provide privacy and breathtaking views.
Villa designs can be modified to suit individual buyer needs.



Villa Picaflora Bali Estates comprises 23 lots on 16 hectares (40 acres) at 800 meters elevation near Atenas, Costa Rica. Only three lots remain vacant at present time.


Villa Picaflora emphasizes Bali-inspired tropical architecture, featuring open floorplans, peaked rooflines, deep covered decks and patios, inside/outside features and visually-open wood-and-glass walls. The Villa Picaflora Bali Estates community is unique in terms of tropical arquitecture in Central America. 


The Villa Picaflora site is mountainous with fantastic panoramic views: to the northeast, the Atenas Valley with Póas, Barva and Irazú volcanoes in the background, to the southwest the Rio Grande Valley and to the east, the Central Valley with thousands of lights coming alive at nightfall.Access to Villa Picaflora is via a public road from central Atenas (2km).


Villa Picaflora  Bali Estates is located inside the Cerros de Atenas protected forest reserve, dotted with a luxurious vegetation, including many species of precious trees like the Guanacaste and Matapalo, flowering trees such as the brilliant orange Poró and many fruit trees including mangoes, limes, bananas, papayas and oranges. A wildlife corridor extends from the Rio Colorado, and carablanca monkeys, sloths, anteaters, and birds including toucans and trogons are regularly seen from the villas.

Picaflora Tropical Living focuses on land development and creation of second home residential communities in Central and South America. We are a boutique land developer (and we want to keep it that way) creating investment value for our clients along three themes: nature, architecture and culture.


Picaflora Tropical Living develops small, tasteful and architecturally distinctive projects in environments of pristine beauty allowing an immersive experience and meaningful interaction with local culture. We work with the lay of the land, the climate and local materials, always respectful of the environment and as eco-friendly as possible. In that sense our architecture is sustainable, open and tropical. Its inspiration comes from 3 continents: America (Pre Colombian First Nations), Africa (Afro-Brazilian culture rooted in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil) and Asia (Bali, Indonesia).  

Our open learning communities also offer cultural, physical and spiritual activities, either through their common areas and services, the local communities in which they participate, or their naturally and culturally rich surrounding environments.We also understand that the purchase of a second home is driven by passion. This is a language we know very well because we too are driven by passion, the passion of building gorgeous foundations under our clients' dreams!

Our Balinese tropical villas are characterized by open floor plan and large terrace for sun and rain protection, generous use of local sustainable or plantation exotic wood and superb craftsmanship of kitchen and bathrooms.

They come in one or multi pavilion models. The one pavilion models normally are two bedrooms, with each bedroom at each end of the villa. The 2 or 3 pavilion models normally have one pavilion serving as social area (kitchen/dining/living), another pavilion as master bedroom, and a pavilion for guest bedrooms.

At present time, we have the following VILLAS for sale:



The 200 m2 "Begonia" Villa features living - dining room with kitchen, two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, covered view deck, swimming pool, lawns and gardens.

    $299,000 - SOLD 


The 145 m2 "Narcissa" Villa features living - dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, covered view deck, lawns and gardens. Furniture Negotiable






The 400 m2 "Maracuya" Villa features a huge kitchen-dining-living area in front of infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, covered view deck, lawns, gardens and stone walls and more..




We also have the following adjacent deeply discounted LOTS for sale: 

LOT 7 approx. 6 000m2…75K

LOT 8 approx. 10 500m2…85K 

with a 10% discount to buyer of both lots and financing available to qualifying buyers.

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