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Costa Rica Real Estate - San Vito

Beautiful property with 2 HOUSES, 1 RANCH, LAKE and 8 hectares of land (20 acres) located in the southern district of Costa Rica, near San Vito de Coto Brus.

This property has the great advantage of having abundant water of its own; it has three springs and a river within the farm.

It has approximately two hectares with yellowed timber trees with 20 years of age, also has secondary forest that protects the springs of water and is home to many birds and small animals.

It also has several types of Bamboo which is very useful for manufacturing furniture, cabins, etc., on the farm there are fruit trees, sugar cane, sacha inchi, banana, and more. A lot of the land is available for other crops, being very fertile and the climate is very good for almost anything. Another advantage of this property is that it has about 15 years of not using chemical products so the land is free of chemical contaminants .

Inside the property there is a natural lagoon where different types of herons and ducks arrive in search of fish, this gives this property a special attraction, in the high parts it has several hills with very good views of La Amistad park, the volcano Barú and other farms. These places are quite suitable for building cabins and there are access roads throughout the farm.

This property is 1,000 meters above sea level, which gives it a cool and very pleasant climate, temperatures remain between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The farm has several structures which is an important part of the investment.
The two-story main house is in very good condition with large spaces and a cozy atmosphere. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a terrace overlooking the lake.

In the lower part it has a large living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room with a terrace. There is also an extra kitchen with handmade oven.

The main house has a ceramic floor and wood finishes, it has water and electricity services, telephone service and wireless internet. In addition the house also has its own water from the farm which is of high quality.

Next to the lake there is a ranch built with cement and bamboo ideal for parties. There are bathrooms, a kitchen and a brick oven.

There are also three cabins that can be rented as guest houses or used for farm workers.

Access is very good throughout the year, just 10 minutes from downtown San Vito where you can find banks, supermarkets, shops, pharmacy, hospital and all basic services.

A beautiful farm with very special characteristics that dreams like a paradise, but it is a reality ... and with a very affordable price.

So the property can function as your private estate or be transformed into Eco Lodge to earn income.

Property with title ready to sell.

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