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Saint Michael's Ocean View Lot


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2912 square meters / .72 acre 



You may also choose to custom build your own home in our community. We believe in thinking differently. We believe a little planning can go a long way in life. Our Eco-Village Community is an intentional community. We plan a lot more and waste a lot less. Our community is more than sustainable. It is regenerative. 

Sustainable Living

An open source model for our future.
For a solution to be truely sustainable and good it must have a positive return to the environment and society. At the heart of any design problem is a question: Are we trying to make something less bad or are we really trying to make things better? It’s not about solving for the negative. It is about creating a positive.

Food forest and edible landscaping:

Healthy food is the center of our community. Our food forest starts at the fresh water spring nearest the community center. The types of forest gardens change along the way from enchanted to functional for erosion conversion. There are terrace gardens and swales to catch water and send it into the ground. We believe the forest is the best garden. It is its own ecosystem; never needing outside fertilizer, watering, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. We promote a healthy living soil. Our soil is an ecosystem in itself. We produce over 5,000 kilos of mangos each year. There are hundreds of mature fruit producing trees and over a hundred varieties. Each property is planted with an edible landscaping full of pineapples, bananas, plantains, oranges, limes, lemons, papaya, turmeric, ginger, teas, edible flowers, katuk, yuca (potato), and much more. 

Our Natural practices include:

Edible Landscaping design and buliding

Rotational Grazing

Medicinal plants - Organic orchard management

Zero Waste / Upcycling/ recycling

Agroforestry - Food forestry

Energy efficiency

Aquifier development

compost tea

Natural Pesticides made onsite

Rain water harvesting - Soil regeneration and ecology

Holistic management and animal care 

The Permaculture Country Club:
Model Regenerative Farm with a mission to teach

The Permaculture Country Club is a gardening club that runs an organic Community Supported Agriculture Program in Saint Michael’s. We operate a food forest that holds an 18 hole disc golf course, manage the gardens in the community, and spread regenerative gardening and sustainability in the local schools.

Disc Golf Club

Our 18 Hole PDGA Championship Course is the sustainable alternative to golf with a ball. The rules are the same except you throw a golf disc into the basket to hole out. Instead of using toxic fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, and other non-natural chemicals; our course produces organic food without using outside sources of water. We made am an epic shift from consumption to production with this sport. 


18 hole National Championship Disc Golf Course

Nature Reserve - Botanical Gardens - Regenerative neighbourhood

Opportunities to serve others

Truly healthy food and clean water

Resource sharing - A harmonious lifestyle

Laundry Service - Concierge Service - Personal Chef

Food Forest - Aquaponics - Holistic Veterinary Service

Housekeeping - Room Service

Natural Spa treatments


Tool Sharing

Organic CSA

Turn Key Regenerative Agriculture

Community Center

Salt Water Swimming Pools 


The community is amazing, and located 1.7 kilometers from the Coastal Highway in the Central Pacific.
In Gaupinol, 1.7KM off the highway to Puriscal, above Esterillos, and between Jaco and Quepos .

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