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 Puriscal Farm with House 

 $172,000 - Reduced to $149,000

House - 1 Bedroom 1 1/2Bath

1,356 Square Feet

Land - 11.3 hectares (28 acres)


The main house has a very open design of a floor plan of two rectangles separated by a large, enclosed atrium. One side of the house is the area for kitchen, dining and living room. The other side is for the bedroom, large bathroom, large walk-in closet and sitting area. So, it has one bedroom, but could be converted to smaller rooms by the addition of walls.
Hot Water on Demand Throughout

The location, two hours (70 km, 42 miles) from San Jose and one hour from the Pacific beaches, places it at easy access to cultural, recreational and professional services.

The border of the national park, La Cangreja, is just a kilometer away. Scarlet macaws fly overhead as they travel a biological corridor. Some people prefer to live in cities, but for those who enjoy tranquility, pure air, organic farming possibilities, a breathtaking view and an affordable cost, this would be just right.

The small Costa Rican town of Puriscal is 45 minutes away.


The land has been free of chemicals since 2000 and is suited to producing many kinds of organic foods. Some fruit trees, vegetables and coffee grow there now.

Further Development Potential

Secondary forest plus areas that have been reforested cover roughly a quarter of the land. A spring provides more than enough water to easily meet the needs of thirty households, even in the dry season. The spring is protected by forest containing some very large old growth trees. A geological study shows that earthquakes are not a risk and do not present restrictions as to where homes can safely be built. Professional consultations provide information about permaculture, community development and other land use possibilities. Up to three hectares along the 570 meters of public road could be sold as lots at a much higher cost per meter than the per meter cost of the whole farm, and still leave a lot of road frontage and land for enjoyment by the buyer.

There is also a corral and renovated habitats for pigs (not currently in use).


The terrain is irregular, much of it gently sloping, some steeply so, and some fairly flat. The north and south sides of the property are roughly bordered by two small rivers/creeks that contain water all year long.

Beautiful Views

The view to the east from the main house is out over a valley to layers of distant mountains. As the sun rises each morning, the sight is worth being awake to see. The main house, with tall windows facing due east provides the best view. At an altitude of about 870 meters (2,554 feet), year-round temperatures vary from 20 to 30C (70s to mid-80s F). Neither heating nor air-conditioning is needed. The ceiling fans are enough.

 Santiago de Puriscal 

Santiago de Puriscal, the county seat with its shopping, restaurants, medical and other professional services, is a 45 minute drive away. A bus also stops a few kilometers away and provides round trip transportation several times a day. A public health clinic is in the next village, and a new public hospital is within an hours’ drive.

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