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Condominium Features
Advantages of owning a home in

Prados del Oeste
Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Prados del Oeste Condominio Residencial, a secure gated community, was designed based on homeowners' requests. Home designs address not only to the largest issues, but the smallest details as well. In the end, all of these considerations influence our quality of life. We strive to make your experience of buying a home in Costa Rica a positive one.

Customer Service

You will find that service is what sets us apart and above the other real estate developments in Costa Rica. At Prados del Oeste, our team of experienced engineers and architects will advise you as you choose the best specifications and furnishings for your new home, and see these personal details through until timely completion. You may even make some changes in the layouts.

Client testimony:
"We are very pleased with our house, since it was completed on time, the finishings are very well detailed and the price/benefit relationship is very good. Also, despite not being in the country during the construction of our house, the experience of working with a trustworthy company like Urbanizaciones del Poniente, was very positive."
Mr. M. Frahm, German citizen, May 2006.

Integrated Security System

We have thought about your security so you will not have to. We have equipped the condominium with the following:

  • Guardhouse
  • Access control gate
  • Exclusive access for our residents and visitors
  • Concrete wall around perimeter
  • Alarm system
  • Optional security key
  • Closed circuit T.V. surveillance
Costa Rica Real Estate

Prados del Oeste is a secure
gated community


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Solid Construction

Homes that last a lifetime start with a solid foundation. Everybody knows this. What you may not know is that in the Santa Ana and Escazú area, all ground is clay. Together with occasional earthquakes, this is the perfect recipe for ustable construction. However, in Prados del Oeste all clay was removed from the building site and substituted with compacting material wherever necessary. A ground study is carried out by an independent company for each lot, so that we can be 100% sure that your home will be safe. You may ask to see the ground studies at any moment.

You may visit the construction at any moment without announcing your visit and may bring third parties to check on your home's building process. Urbanizaciones del Poniente, the real estate developer, is intent on making these homes safe.

Condominio Residencial is being built following the new Seismic Code. There are reinforced columns every 4 meters or less. The structural studies concluded that our homes were even stronger than necessary, but we are happy with them and that's the way we'll continue building them.

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Excellent Constructive Details

The difference between good and excellent real estate is in the details. Our homes get built by the very best craftsmen, which means that you can expect the same standards you are used to.

When we purchase building materials, we keep your quality of life in mind. We are interested in things like reducing the sound made by the rain or creating a ventilation system within the houses so you will always be comfortable inside your home.

We have also chosen materials because of their resistance and their capacity to reduce the need for maintenance. The choice of the best materials in places of heavy use like kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets assures that your home will stay beautiful for the longest time. This also means strong capital appreciation for years to come.

Because of these reasons, Prados del Oeste has installed:

  • Clay tiles (to reduce the noise provoked by the rain and to help control temperature)
  • Kitchen with granite countertop and quality cabinets
  • Bathrooms with marble countertops and quality cabinets
  • Wood laminate closet cabinets and sliding doors
  • Security plugs in certain vulnerable areas
  • Mosquito screens on the windows
  • Much more. Please Contact Us to obtain the complete list of furnishings that come with the house.


Quality bathroom, kitchen and closet cabinets are the norm.

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Large Recreational Areas

There are more than 5500m2 of open areas within the condominium; it's about a third of the total area. There are numerous species of native trees which are home to a variety of birds and butterflies. In addition, our gated community has:

  • Two playgrounds
  • Ranch and swimming pool
  • Walking trail
  • Picnic areas
  • Wildlife preservation area


Costa Rica Real Estate

Picnic and play area.
The trees in the back are part
of the wildlife protection area.

Modern Communication Systems

Each house will be equipped with an RDSI telephone line. This allows a rapid access to the internet even if the telephone is being used. This system allows each user to have up to 2 telephone numbers functioning on the same telephone line. Each house has direct communication with the guardhouse. There is cable TV service available that you can contract through a private company.

Area of High Capital Appreciation in Costa Rica

Today Santa Ana is one of the highest growth areas in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, making your investment better and safer. There are several new malls in the immediate vicinity. Forum office park is only like a mile away. Within a 5 minute ride you shall find Multiplaza, Plaza Itzcatzu, Automercado, Hotel Intercontinental, Comfort Inn, Marriott Courtyard, Hospital Cima, and the residential developments of Valle del Sol, Bosques de Lindora and Villa Real. Office parks Plaza Roble and Trilogía are also near. But if you prefer to walk, Pali supermarket and Musmanni bakery are only some 500 to 900 yards away from Prados del Oeste. In downtown Santa Ana you will also find pharmacies, restaurants, educational centers, hardware stores, and bus stops.

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Wildlife Protection Area
and Other Environmental

Environmental protection is vital if we want to continue enjoying quality of life. Environmental engineers from Siel Siel prepared a Plan de Gestion Ambiental, or Environmental Protection Plan for Prados del Oeste, which was properly approved by Setena and is being followed. Siel Siel carries out the environmental controls which guarantee the fulfillment of the norms stated in the plan.

Prados del Oeste has installed a waste water treatment facility for the whole condominium, which was constructed by Ingenieria Ambiental Moderna, the best in their area of expertise.

To improve the Corrogres River Protection Area, hundreds of native trees like the Roble de la Sabana, Poro, Roble Blanco, Llama del Bosque and Guanacaste have been planted. We plan to continue with this process in order to serve our condominium and our community. The municipal park outside the property is also maintained by Prados del Oeste, and was heavily replanted with Poro and Mango trees.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Tree Planting

Costa Rica Real Estate

Flocks of migrating birds nest in our forest.
The gated area is the waste water treatment plant.


Own this beautiful home in Santa Ana, Costa Rica!

From $245,000*

Right now we have three homes for sale near Forum in Santa Ana, in a quiet, safe, residential neighborhood, inside a gated community with pool, 24/7security, and the finest constructive finishes in the market today! Call 2282-0390 today to make an appointment to see the houses.  

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