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Los Cielos Estates Costa Rica Properties

Los Cielos Estates' properties are surrounded by breathtaking ocean views, protected forests, pristine fresh water creeks, exotic plant life and majestic mountains for as far as the eye can see. These exotic properties in Costa Rica are made to blend in with the surrounding nature.

Properties for Sale on the Exotic Caribbean Side of Costa Rica

Beautifully situated on 70 remote acres just outside of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Los Cielos Estates offers a world of unparalleled natural beauty, adventure and a "pura vida" life style. Los Cielos is conveniently located less than one half mile from the ocean on property stretching back into a magnificent tropical jungle teeming with exotic wildlife. Its close proximity to Cahuita National Park means nature in all its splendor will be protected and your Costa Rica paradise will still be a paradise for your lifetime and longer.

Buy a Home that Blends in with Nature

These exotic homes in Costa Rica are designed to blend in with the surrounding nature. Natural wood pillars, hardwood floors, open air balconies, rustic materials, and a nature inspired color pallet make these homes blend in rather than stand out. Transitioning from indoors to outside doesn't have to be feel like a transition at all with your exotic Costa Rican home that is at one with nature. Although the water cannot be seen from the properties, proximity to the shore is close and the ocean can be clearly heard from the property. All lots are situated in a jungle-setting within walking distance to the pristine beaches. Some of the properties have picturesque views of nearby mountains. For those that are ready to move into their new home right away there are completed homes available now. For those that are waiting and want to make Costa Rica their retirement destination there are lots available where you can build.

Building the Your Exotic Home

Los Cielos Estates works with J. Paul Asaro at Asaro Architecture to build homes on site. Paul knows the area conditions, lot sizes and is able to incorporate the surrounding nature so that your home delivers the perfect blend of convenient living with an exotic flare to ensure your "pura vida" lifestyle. If you choose to use your own architect you can but the design must be consistent with the guidelines established by the Home Owner's Association.

Cost of Building Your New Home

Building costs are much more affordable than in North America or Europe. The average cost is approximately $50 per square foot for a standard home. On the upper end, luxury starts at about $80 per square foot and goes up from there. These rates are still affordable and allow you to make an investment in your future.  

Homes For Sale


For Sale: $95,000

Property type: Single Family
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Sqft: 1,000
Lot size: 0.42 acres / 1,700 sq. meters
Year built: 2010
Sewer: Septic
Water: Water Well

Property Description:


Newly built, tropical style home on large lot in gated community.
Two bedroom with open kitchen, one bathroom, storage room
and laundry and utility room.

Surrounded by majestic trees, creeks and beautiful, lush landscape and
breathtaking views of Talamanca mountains.
Located within walking distance to pristine Caribbean beach.

Perfect for vacation or rental investment.




Los Cielos Estates Costa Rica Lots

Nestled just 1 mile from the city of Puerto Viejo and 600 yards from the Caribbean Sea, the Los Cielos community offers a range of buildable parcels. The property is comprised of open fields and tropical forest land for a perfect mix of open spaces and flourishing vegetation. Lots have private road access and are located within walking distance from tropical beaches. Come and visit our lots and see the Properties for Sale before making your decision to buy a Property or Exotic Home in Costa Rica. All lots are situated in the jungle setting within walking distance to pristine beaches. Most of the properties have picturesque views of nearby mountains. 

The Cost

Lots start at $25,000 for 0.15 acre (600 sq. meters) of land. With construction costs $50 to $70 per square foot you could own a vacation home, retirement investment and a new pura vida life style surrounded by exotic land for just under $100,000. These rates are still affordable and allow you to make an investment in your future.


Los Cielos Estates Costa Rica Community

 At Los Cielos, we are an exceptional community made up of long time residents and new arrivals from around the world--all with one common goal… To live the life of our dreams in a beautiful, natural and exotic paradise in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world with breath taking exotic flora and fauna. Costa Rica is also known for its strong commitment to preservation and being environmentally friendly. Los Cielos Estates is committed to these same values so that your property will continue to be surrounded by exotic nature for years to come.

Due to Costa Rica commitment to preservation, development along the Caribbean Coast will be very limited. The undeveloped area surrounding Los Cielos Estates makes its properties an ideal setting for those who seek home ownership among exotic nature.

Our properties can be purchased with the confidence of knowing that due diligence was performed by our legal, engineering, and ecological partners. Our goal is to support sustainable development to further protect Costa Rica’s nature. We came to Costa Rica because we were in awe of its natural beauty and we are dedicated to preserving this unique way of life.

Our custom island style homes blend in with the surrounding nature. In addition our properties have the option of being powered by clean solar energy to further protect wildlife in Costa Rica.

Los Cielos Estates offer property in Costa Rica where you can live a healthy lifestyle in an eco-friendly living environment.

The People of Los Cielos Estates

Our populace benefits greatly from this wonderfully diverse group of interesting like minded people. People who have chosen the Costa Rican way of life. Living in custom built homes designed to their liking walking distance from the beach and surrounded by exotic nature. A place where business and pleasure manage to coexist peacefully, together in the sunny embrace of warm ocean breezes and star filled nights with the sounds of nature chirping in their ear. Island life as it was truly meant to be lived. 


Puerto Viejo

The South Caribbean community of Puerto Viejo is situated in the Talamanca region of the Limon province. The climate in the Puerto Viejo area is mild and tropical with lush rolling hills ranging from sea level to almost 500 feet above. This provides the locals with the perfect environment to grow organic native fruits and vegetables which can be found at local markets.

The locals of Puerto Viejo and other nearby towns on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica embrace a culture of peace and relaxation with a commitment to conserving the areas native beauty while maintaining slow and careful growth.

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