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Costa Rica Real Estate

Top of the World - Lot #4 - 3/4 acre - Water, Electricity Available - 2 miles from beach


 Costa Rica Real Estate

Located on the highest hills in north Marbella, this residential community features lots with incredible ocean and valley views. Lomas de Marbella is less than two miles away from the Pacific Coast as the crow flies. Surrounding the properties you will find magnificent trees which support beautiful fauna such as howler monkeys and multicolored birds. Water springs and pristine creeks add freshness to these breezy hills, 4 acres of open green forest, trails to the park area, picnic benches and hammocks rest and retreat area.

Located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the province of Guanacaste, Marbella ("Beautiful Sea") is one of the few remaining untouched jewels on the Pacific Coast. Unlike other well known areas, Marbella combines tranquility with the essence of nature. This area features pristine rivers, unspoiled mountains, breathtaking ocean views, and beautiful private beaches. Local activities include surfing, sport-fishing, diving, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird-watching, photography, soaking in the sun and enjoying every moment of your life.

World Class Surf Spot

According to Federico Pilurzu, 2006 Central American Surf Champion and ASP Member, "Marbella is the most consistent beach break in the North Pacific Coast".

  • Marbella offers two incredible options for surfers: Playa Frijolar and Playa Coco.
  • Playa Frijolar is a left hand point break, featuring great waves ideal for beginners and fun for experienced surfers as well.
  • Playa Coco is a beach break featuring peaking A frame waves and incredible barrels. This area is great for all levels of surfing, and when big... it is excellent for the more experienced surfer.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Property Appreciation

  • In recent years, Guanacaste has experienced an explosion in real estate, which has naturally increased the price of land. 
  • Key factors for development in Guanacaste are the proximity to beautiful beaches and exceptional surf breaks.
  • Strategically located, Marbella is under an hour from Tamarindo (North) and Nosara (South).
  • Marbella offers affordable prices on property. Breathtaking ocean views, larger size lots, and unique farming opportunities to develop that do not have to be out of your budget. As the prices in neighboring areas increase the demand for larger affordable lots will increase


Safety & Tranquility

  • "In Marbella you will find a true sense of peace, harmony and tranquility that could not be described until you experience it for yourself. The people of Costa Rica are truly the most magnificent individuals I have ever met. I am greeted daily with a handshake and always a big smile! There is a genuine love between the natives and myself. For this reason, I am here. The Costa Rican lifestyle is best described as "Pura Vida" which means the pure life." Jeff Allen, Marbella resident since 2001.
  • Marbella is the hometown for peaceful farmers that enjoy living the simple life with their families. People from around the world who have embraced this paradise have obtained a priceless quality of life. Being at home enjoying the sunset, walking down the beach or simply hanging out with the locals is not only safe but revitalizing.



Costa Rica Real Estate Costa Rica Real Estate


Green Paradise

  • Marbella has been blessed with pristine rivers, refreshing water springs, and breezy mountains ranges that enhance life in this magnificent tropical forest.
  • Howler monkeys, butterflies, iguanas, exotic birds, native trees, palms, multicolored flowers... all of them live harmoniously in Marbella.
  • Nature lovers will be captured by this natural atmosphere.


Topography/Scenic Views

  • Marbella's topography enriches the value of the properties. Marbella boasts Guanacaste tallest mountain range located minutes from the beach which allows for excellent panoramic ocean views. From these mountains you can hear the softly crashing waves, enjoy the view of the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and feel fresh natural breezes.


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