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Super Luxurious Private Residence

European Style Villa

1.85 Million US$ - Reduced to $1.69 Million

Costa Rica Real Estate

 The crème de la crème of paradise in Costa Rica! 


 This year we are moving to our finca not far from this estate where we can enjoy our horses (there is also a piece for sale, simply ask us).
For this reason we would like to sell our estate - with all furnishings as new.
The grand estate of 7000 sqm (approx. 1.73 acres) land consists of two main buildings, connected to one another by a bridge, as well as a separate guest house, two separate guest apartments, a Rancho, a garden shed, a swimming-pool, a store house and a carport.

The unique, exposed location is one of the best in Costa Rica: from the estate you have an expansive view over the whole High Valley including Costa Rica's capital city San José. Built in 1995, the estate was completely renovated between 2006 and 2009 with 111,000 hours’ labour. For the living space of about 750 sqm (approx. 8,100 sq ft) authentic, natural materials were used.

The estate provides exclusive extras which fulfil all your dreams and wishes: a large pool, Rancho with pool bar, an additional kitchen with a barbecue, a pond, several small streams with little waterfalls, several chimneys. Jacuzzi, wine-cellar and a private 2-hole Golf training course. Read on below for a more detailed description of the estate and the furnishings.

The purchase price including furnishings is recently reduced to $1.69 Million US.



The estate is located just above the small village of San Rafael Arriba near Aserri at a height of exactly 1330m (approx. 4,360 ft), in a fantastic panoramic location which cannot be blocked. The small place Aserri, only 1 mile away, even has the popular panoramic-view-symbol on maps. An average of more than 320 sunny days per year are waiting for you. By the way, the climate in San Rafael Arriba is very pleasant. Throughout the year the temperatures are about 80ºF during the day and go down to 65ºF at nights so that air conditioning is unnecessary.

The estate is the last piece of land on a mountain ridge, the asphalt road ends at the gate entrance. Thereafter you can only find mountains, streams and tropical forest, pure nature! Another advantage is the water-supply with pure drinking water via own spring. By the way, the nearest cascade is only 5 minutes away from the pool on the estate.
The neighbours are as exclusive as the house: the former mayor of Desamparados and his son (a member of Costa Rica’s Parliament), a well-known football coach, members of an embassy etc...



Completely surrounded by tropical forest and located in an extremely quiet area you cannot see any neighbour houses and remain unseen yourself. The surrounding is extremely secure but still only 15 minutes away from the centre of San José. Some distances: It’ll take you 15 minutes to Curridabat, 20 minutes to Escazu, 15 minutes to the airport (Tobias Bolanos), 35 minutes to the main airport (Juan Santamaria) and 15 minutes to the nearest golf course.
Restaurants, shopping centres, malls etc. can be found in town, about 5 minutes away.


The estate in detail

The estate provides 750sqm (approx. 8,100 sq ft) living area and several terraces, therefore a spacious place to stay. Enjoy a fantastic view over the high-lying valley, over San José as well as the six volcanos behind. The estate consists of two main buildings built up on two floors. Both upper floors are connected by a bridge. The stream runs underneath the bridge, into a little pond and eventually cascades down. Both lower floors of the main buildings are meant to provide room for guests. Each apartment provides a living area and a separate bathroom.

With respect to the technical side of the house I can only say that it is state-of-the-art technology. Wireless telephones, audio and video components by Bang & Olufsen, and fittings by Quadriga Citt. Platinum. Sanitary facilities in crema by Philippe Starck, UP-flushes by Geberit.

Glazing with 27% UV-reflection in grey. The electronic gate is controlled via telephone or radio control. Many accessible premises like corridors, entrance areas, stairs, the garden, stair-wells and bathrooms are equipped with IR-light sensors so that light goes on and off automatically. Several rooms, the approach road and the pool area are additionally equipped with remote controls for light switching and make different light settings possible.


 Main building 1st - upper part
Main floor front in the trees-all other sides at ground level

Spacious kitchen with all extras including a built-in bar. The solid kitchen is kept in lava stone and massive, two-coloured Guanacaste wood, kitchen appliances including two 90cm ovens all by Jan Kolbe, fridge by LG, audio system by B&O. Entrance to the garden or rather to the herbal garden. Behind the kitchen there is a domestic room as well as a small appartment for staff or guests with TV by B&O.

Separate bathroom, toilet (Starck,crema), shower etc. Wash hand basin in Guanacaste. Corridor in natural lava. Beside the main entrance guest bathroom with automatic urinal and toilet by Starck, crema. Wash hand basin in Guanacaste. Spacious dining area with table and chairs for 12 people, looking through the glass integrated into the table you can see the wine-cellar underneath. Next to the library an open bridge leads to the second main building.

Dining area and library, on different levels, below there is the open living area with open fireplace and bar. Pieces of the wall in lava stone, TV and audio system by Bang & Olufsen. From the dining and living area the panoramic view over the valley, San José and the volcanos. Floor in polished concrete - creme-red, all lights to be switched by remote control including light settings. Terraces out of almond wood surround the living and dining area and are also accessible from the entrance area.


Main building 2nd - upper part
Main floor front in the trees-all other sides at ground level

Owners bedroom with open fireplace, walls partly in lava stone, built-in wardrobe. Below there is a small living and lounge area on different levels (which we use for our private communication). TV and audio by Bang & Olufsen. When you wake up in the morning you will enjoy the most beautiful sunrise. Surrounding terrace out of almond wood in front of the bedroom.
Connected to the bedroom is a wellness bathroom and dressing room en suite. Bathroom with separate shower area, jacuzzi, toilet, bidet (Starck, crema) and double-wash basin out of Guanacaste. Above the basin audio system by B&O (connected to the main system). Dressing room completely out of Guanacaste. Parts of the rooms again out of lava stone.


 Main building 1st - lower part
Appartment floor front at ground level

Wine cellar with separate entrance underneath the main entrance, view through to the dining area. Guest apartment with separate entrance, living and sleeping area, open fireplace,TV and audio system by B&O, mini bar, built-in wardrobe, panoramic view. Separate bathroom with shower, toilet and bidet by Starck, crema. Double basin in Guanacaste.

Main building 2nd - lower part
Appartment floor-front at ground level

Guest apartment with living, sleeping and chill area, TV and audio system by B&O, mini bar, built-in wardrobe, panoramic view. Separate bathroom with shower, toilet and bidet by Starck, crema. Double basin in Guanacaste. 


 Separate guest house

Living area partly out of lava stone, TV by B&O, mini bar, bedroom with wardrobe, bathroom with toilet and bidet (Starck, crema), shower and double wash hand basin in Guanacaste. Small terrace with panoramic view behind the guest house. Outside completely out of lava stone, in front of the guest house separate small parking.

Bodega (small house at the upper parking)

Small house with three separate rooms and three separate entrances, outside out of lava stone. One room currently used for storage of tools as well as store room for drinks etc. Another room was turned into a small bathroom for the pool area, with toilet, automatic urinal (both by Starck, crema) and wash hand basin in Guanacaste.

Garden house

Small house, currently used for the storage of garden equipment, completely out of lava stone.


 Rancho and pool area

Spacious pool out of green natural lava, approx. 11,0 x 5,5m, solar-heated, lighted and equipped with a professional filtering/ionizing system, without chlorine and bromine. The water has drink water quality. Two built-in benches in the pool so that you can sit at the pool bar and enjoy your cocktail.

Around the pool various spaces for sun beds. Covered Rancho with mini-kitchen, ice machine, fridge, wardrobes, a sink and double-barbecue. Covered bar area with two big sitting corners with view over the stream with its cascades. The floor of the whole pool area was tiled with natural slate. Bar, walls and the pillars for the roof are out of lava stone. Audio system by B&O, connected to the main system. Water-proofed loudspeakers in the shape of rocks. Automatic light system, also with remote control and light settings.

Panoramic view.

Approach road

Electric gate, can be opened with remote control and telephone. Bell tower about 10ft. in front of the gate. Hole in bell tower at height of the driver’s window to ring the bell. Approach road to three big parking areas, the middle one is covered with a carport for two to three vehicles. The whole approach road, parkings and all paths in the garden are made out of natural slate. Carport and approach road are lighted up automatically, the pillars of the carport are kept in lava stone. 


Garden, water, electricity

About two thirds of the 7000sqm piece of land make up the garden, one third of the area is a little forest above the estate. Normally you only need a watering system for the garden in March and April. That is why all of the garden parts are equipped with an automatic sprinkler system.

The tropical garden contains a variety of different palms and other ornamental plants. Moreover fruit and nut trees grow there, e.g. macadamias, bananas, oranges, limes, lemons, mangos, maracujas and avocados. Near the kitchen you can find a little herbal garden.

As a part of the garden in front of the main entrance is a 2-hole golf training course with bunkers, etc. Enjoy the game with your clients and friends .



The water required for house and garden is taken from a spring in the upper part of the estate, the water has drink water quality. The spring provides you daily with between 10.000 and far more than 100.000 litres (2,500 to 26,000 gallons) of water, depending on the season. An additional sediment and water depot is installed in between, with a capacity of 14.500 litres (3,800 gallons). Additionally strong drainage pipes were installed underground in the garden. The drainage works excellently.

A solar system (with electrical backup) is installed to provide hot water.

Electricity works with 220 and 110 Volt. Costs are currently $90 US per month. The outdoor lighting of the pool and garden of the estate is generally controlled by light sensors so that the consumption is not too high. 



As far as security is concerned a big advantage is the location of the estate at the very end of the mountain ridge. The last 300m (1,000 ft) of the road which leads to the estate are private and the road is also controlled by the neighbours living further down.

The piece of land borders on little streams with small cascades and on a coffee plantation. This naturally protected location makes the residence very secure. Neither barbed-wire fence nor security staff is necessary. Nevertheless security technique was installed in and around the house, e.g. alarm system and outdoor-cameras which have proofed to be completely unnecessary. Furthermore the piece of land is, because of our two dogs, completely fenced round at a height of approx. 2m (6 ft). 


More good news

Something special about this piece of land which is of great advantage should not remain unmentioned: Because of an administrative mistake many years ago the land has shrunk to official 1,73 acres (7.000sqm (exact: 6.989sqm)), although it is indeed much bigger.
It would require an enormous bureaucratic effort to undo this mistake. In reality the size is about 2,22 acres (9.000sqm). Of course, only the official 1,73 acres (6.989sqm) can be sold. 


Renovation, communication and further information

Behind the second main building there is a dog pound. We keep our wood there, our dogs sleep in the house. A little house for the storage of pool machinery and pool equipment is near the pool area, also made of lava stone.

Not long time ago the estate was completely renovated which meant about 111,000 hours’ labour. Sanitary facilities and electrical equipment were added or swapped. All houses were covered with lava stone, all paths around the houses, the approach road and the pool area were tiled with natural slate. Most of the pool area was newly designed, the pool was enlarged, deepened and completely rebuilt. The gardens completely recreated, drainages were put up invisibly.

Listing every single piece of work would definitely go to far – expect to purchase a nearly new estate in a fantastic location. 


 High speed Internet and email, wi-fi works trouble free on the estate, by the way, also in the pool area. At the moment the estate provides a telephone and a fax connection. With DSL and VolP we can be contacted on our German telephone number and have our international conversations via this system. Costs: 8,90€ per month, Flatrate to Europe, Sat-TV (without monthly costs) with several channels.

Because of the solid type of construction the insurance for the estate is only 580,- US$ per year. Property tax approx. $120 US per year. Luxury tax not apply, because this area is not listed and is agricultural. 


We sell the estate with furniture, audio and video systems, television sets, pictures, silk carpets, wines (about 1.000 bottles) etc. included.

Interesting may also be the fact that all electrical systems contain 220V and 110V which means that all European as well as American electrical appliances can be used. Multi-norm plugs by btichino were put in.

All works of art are made by two famous artists, the recreations of Franz Mark are oil paintings on canvas in the original sizes. 


On these pictures shown here, you‘ve seen less than 20% of the estate. We promised you that the other 80% are equal or better. We used exactly the same materials, products and quality.

The estate is difficult to describe, it is simply too ample. For orientation please have a closer look at the illustration picture below.
By the way: All pictures shown here have been taken here. 



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