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Total size of estate to be offered is approximately 5.550m2 or about 1.2 acres.
Consists of two separate titles:
House is sitting on 405m2 lot, the PLANO CATASTRADO is currently updated
to the new (re-measured size) of 405m2 and registered.
The second lot features the access road,gardens and one gorgeous 360 degree round view master platform for future growth, one of the best sites in the 100 acre private mountain resort and community   .
Both lots together form a perfect, harmonic estate.
House & Features 
Total house is approximately 130m2 (1,400 sq ft) + a carport 20m2 (215 sq ft)
                The first floor (a studio) is approximately 40m2 (430 sq ft)
                  The 2nd floor is approximately 90m2 (969 sq ft)  and includes 12m2 (129 sq ft)  balcony. 
A similar fireplace as shown in fotos will be part of the house when completed.
The whirlpool shown in pictures is NOT part of the house nor included; it will be offered as an option.
2 kitchens, two bathrooms and 2 bedrooms (with one king size bed), laundry, big living
room with full glass and panoramic vista over Pacific from all the way from Quepos to Playa Hermosa.
Strong room for safekeeping of valuables (if away for a while for example).
Central hot water on demand (gas), electrical showers and dimmed main lights.
French doors, sliding doors, Fireplace, carport, room for optional whirl pool/hot tub planned.
Comes fully furnished as shown in pictures, with dishwasher, fridge, grill, micro, etc. and as is.
Beds, sofa and tables also included.
Exempt are some personal items.
ONE MAIN FEATURE of the house is that first and second floor can be separated by closing the staircase with some custom made attachments. This is the reason for the two kitchens.
Great for those folks not yet ready to retire. Rent one floor and live in or visit the other.
Lot of 405m2 with House aproximately 130m2 + carport 20m2
                 First floor (Studio) approximately 40m2
                 2nd floor approximately 90m2, includes 12m2 balcony
Additional $50,000 
Add 1.2 Acre (5.192m2) estate lot - hilltop location
           360 degrees panoramic view over Pacific ocean + Potenciana mountain range to La Cangreja
           Additional lot comes landscaped with large double platform
Combined Price - $169,000  
 Slowly and continuously  developed over the past 20 years.
Total size /100 acres or 40 hectares.
Totals around 20 lots, all embedded in forest.
Mountain top, waterfall (future hydro power) etc. is available.
9 lots have been sold over the past 6 years, and the the resulting (young) community stems includes people from Ireland, Quebec, Austria, Germany, Costa Rica, France, USA and again Canada.
Three parties live on the premises for good, two part time, and the rest have purchased to build soon or hold as an investment.
Since the community is not on a public road but rather all on private property and in a
cul-de-sac with nobody passing through, the place is exceptionally safe.
Theft has been unknown on the premises, and the whole area is still very healthy, inhabited by good-natured mountain folks.
The community lies right in the middle between national parks Cangreja and Carrara, about 45 minutes south of Puriscal and 20 minutes west of the small village of Salitralis.
Height above sea level 650m/2.000 ft. and places the development right under a rainy season cloud layer. 
The climate is closer to Mediterranean than tropic, and has medium amounts of rain.
The roads are in good shape as of late and constantly upgraded. Additionally, pavement of the road
from Parrita to Puriscal is only a question of time.
The farm features primary as well as second growth forest of 40 years, full of wildlife like deer, ajinos, anteaters etc, but especially birds,since their food plants are constantly promoted.
The pictures are a sample of all the ones taken at the farm. 

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