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Grecia Oasis  - Santa Gurtrudis  

 $389,000 - Reduced to $359,000 - Now $279,000

Costa Rica Real Estate - Grecia

Build your dream Home or Hotel in your private Oasis for the Cost of some over priced lots in the central Valley!  Also zoned for condominiums.

 Santa Gurtrudis Sur/Tacares... Great opportunity

12.8 hectares - 128,000 meters squared (28 acres of prime location).

In Grecia Canton (county)12 minutes to Grecia, 20 minutes to Alajuela, 30 minutes to Main Airport.

Several blocks of River front, very private land, beautiful rain forest, wide open spectacular views, and main public perfectly paved road!

Adequate water sources

2 of them besides 2 water intakes of city water available (in other words lots of water.

Great building spots 

Great for private estate in the middle of the central valley minutes from airport. The average square meter price in the area is $65-$95 in this area for lots of 2,000 square meters or less.

Too many building spots to mention throughout the property and adequate roads throughout the property also. 

Plenty of Bamboo to generate income  for income!

The Bamboo is guadua which is used in construction and furniture among other uses.

It is 1 year from first harvest. Guadua produces about 7 poles per year per plant of which 15 meters of length is sold. There are 1450 plantings in the farm. The lowest price at wholesale at this time is .55 cents per meter of 5" diameter green pole. Guadua grows 5-6 inches in diameter.

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